Want List Wednesday — Bohemian Summer

So Free People sent me an email yesterday advertising $5 EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $150 placed by 1pm Wednesday. I see this as an excellent excuse to put together my top bohemian-inspired picks for Summer.

Or what is supposed to be Summer and is currently June gloom.

What are some of my favorite things to wear in the summertime?

#1 Crop Tops – They go with high-waisted shorts, pants, and skirts. In a pinch, you can wear one with yoga pants. Nothing makes me feel leaner than a top that hits at the smallest part of my waist.

#2 – A summer “Set”. What’s so great about a set? You can wear it together and separately of course! Everyone should have at least one “set” in their wardrobe. If not for the versatility, for the sake of having an easy look to put on when in doubt. Think of it as a modern summer suit.

#3 – The split leg pant is a trend that I got on board with almost immediately. On a hot summer day, these vents are will give the breeze I need without committing to shorts.

#4 – It’s not summer until the romper comes out of the closet. Am I right?

#5 – Jumpsuits have been trending for a few years now, but this year I encourage you to embrace the cutout jumpsuit. This adds an extra punch of sexy to the summer wardrobe.

Happy Shopping Friends!

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