Want List Wednesday — Wedding Guest Edition

How many of you are a wedding guest this summer? Raise your hands high! Boyfriend Brian and I are going to five weddings this year. Which sounds like a lot, but our biggest year was six…more of our friends have moved into the first child stage now. Four of our weddings are in the Fall, but we have one August wedding up in Northern California. Anyhoo, sometimes it’s tricky to be a wedding guest as there are all sorts of elements to consider that might not be indicated on the save-the-date.

Block heels or regular? Will dancing be on grass or a hard surface?

Long dress or short? Will the weather be super hot or breezy in the evening? Or both?

Clutch or bag with a strap? Will there be a place to put your bag? Assigned tables? Cocktail hour with a chic food truck?

As an attendee of over 20 weddings, I’ve learned a few things:

  • Air on the side of caution and assume, if the venue is outside, you’ll be on grass.
  • Make sure your hair won’t rustle out of perfection from a good head shake or jumping (who doesn’t jump up and down to SHOUT at some point during every wedding)
  • Stay away from dresses that require a lot of tape to stay in place. I promise it’ll be more effort than how cool it looks in that one photo for Instagram. (dress ideas below)
  • If you’re bringing sunglasses, make sure the clutch/bag can hold them when the sun sets. Nothing ruins a night faster than losing a pair of shades somewhere between the eucalyptus centerpieces and the barn-turned-dance-floor reception area (where are those RayBans????)
  • Drink lots of water and jump in on all the dancing. Especially when all the little kids are on the dance floor because it’s adorable, makes for great photos, and gets everyone comfortable. Guaranteed you’ll get invites to even more weddings = more fun!

Wedding Picks This Week

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Happy shopping friends!

Look #1

Effortlessly feminine

Look #2

Prints and texture galore!

Look #3 

Retro babe

Look #4

Bold color with understated accessories



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