One Killer NOLA Outfit — 80% Humidity Edition

We’ve strategized a weekend packing list. (check it out). I mentioned picking a pallet and sticking with it. Fully neutral and injecting prints or pops of color. The challenge for this vacationer look is the static cling effect that clothing has when in a humid environment. Nothing ruins a traffic-stopping outfit like sweat. Except maybe choosing to eat too many carbs when wearing a bodycon dress. In that case, if carbs are on the menu and you just can’t resist, let’s hope you also packed a chic trench coat that you can throw on after dinner and cinch it up to hide post pasta effects.

Back to the humidity.

One thing I learned on my trip to NOLA is that I forgot the toll humidity takes on a look. I ambitiously packed a linen/cotton ruffled sleeve top from Free People (shop similar here) and tucked it into my Madewell shorts like an amateur. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was so naively satisfied with the optical illusion the shorts had created. My legs looked six feet long. Excellent!

After a quick jaunt to eat a PoBoy lunch at Killer PoBoys (check it out!) and a 15-minute walk to hop on a trolly to the City Park (see more!), my shorts had started the dreaded “stick to legs and ride up” dance. The air-conditioned trolly gave me a bit of relief. I missed my stop by one critical exit and ended up mapping out a walk that would extend the walking portion of my journey from 5-25 minutes.


25 minutes in 80% humidity with shorts that intermittently ride up does not make for a comfortable walk. Pair that with ankle-height cowboy boots digging a dent in my leg and an avocado colored shirt sticking to my chest due to the massive amount of sweat collecting underneath. I had visions of someone taking an ethereal photo of me in the park. I’d look 5’8” and my top’s sleeves would just blow casually in the breeze.

I think it’s fair for you to assume that this photo didn’t happen. Below is a more successful look worn the following day:


The park was beautiful and I highly recommend visiting while in NOLA. However, I also recommend wearing a darker shirt (try this from Rails) to hide the sweat and taking a Lyft so that those cute Madewell shorts (shop here) stay put where they were intended. This kind of trip calls for a cool-tourist belt bag (shop here) and comfy yet practical slides. (shop here from Topshop) Don’t forget standout eyewear (try these $25 from Free People) and hairspray/dry shampoo depending on what your hair does in humidity.

Below are visuals of all the products linked above. By clicking on my links I do get a small %. Don’t feel obligated, but if you like something check it out with my links!

Happy Travels!


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