5-Step Packing List — Kauai

When taking a spontaneous getaway, one might not have time to plan ahead. Whether you have 3 hours or 5 days to prepare, you can use this cheat sheet to ensure you’re prepared for anything!

Step 1 

Pick a palate – neutrals or bolds. Decide on one and stick to it. It’ll ensure you have laser focus when taking step 2.

Step 2

Pick up/out these eight items. I’d recommend incorporating prints into 2-3 pieces. I like to include a striped tank, a print short and a printed dress. This way everything can be mixed and matched!

  • Casual tank dress
  • Dressy Maxi/Jumpsuit
  • High-waisted shorts
  • Print Shorts
  • Fitted Tee
  • Loose tank/crop top
  • Straw Clutch
  • Denim Jacket

Step 3

Pack wedges and slides (my favorites)

Step 5

Wear chic workout clothes on the plane, (shop pants here and top here) this is your one workout outfit. Wash it and hang dry when you arrive so you are prepared for adventures!

Neutral Packing Picks

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