During the week of Christmas, I had the pleasure of visiting Watertown, South Dakota. It was my first proper visit to the Midwest, and I have to be honest, I’ve never felt as cold as I did during these five days. Putting together an outfit in negative temps isn’t easy. I also can’t say that I was that successful. However, this was a lesson learned in packing. Turns out, negative 10 is much different than building snowmen in Tahoe during a balmy 20-30 degree weekend.

What I learned on my trip is that a base layer is KEY. Wanna get fancy with a cashmere legging? Try Hanro’s here, if you’re on more of a budget, the wool blend version is still nice. Shop here. 

In negative temps, the neck needs some protection. Try a turtleneck from Madewell for $35 here. I found that I need something with a bit more Merino, so I’m investing in Smartwool from Nordstrom. If negative temps aren’t on the calendar, but 30 degrees are, the 150 baselayer will work just fine and saves $25.

My feet are almost always cold. You can ask boyfriend Brian because I try to contract the heat from his legs into my toes. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work. Guess what does work? Amazing socks. Find them here.

What happens when socks get wet? They don’t keep feet warm. I first saw Sorels on Oprah and I haven’t come across anything better with so much style. Try the classic Tofino here, or the chicest Joan of Arctic next-level version here. 

The coffee cup above wasn’t enough to keep my fingers warm. I ran back to the car after my little ice capade performance and had trouble bending my digits. Pendelton offers style under $40 here. For those that can’t part with their phones, shop here for a pair of tech-friendly Rag

& Bone cashmere beauties.

Take it from me, a peacoat isn’t warm enough for a Midwest winter. I wish I would have found this puffer from Urban Outfitters, or this long or short puffer from Everlane before my trip.

Last but deserving of the most compliments should be one’s hat. Mine is Milly and I’ve had it for at least 10 years, but I love it and I the only thing that might make me retire it is a funny Pom hat. Shop a fleece-lined one from REVOLVE here. 

By clicking on my photos/links, I do get a small commission. Please don’t feel obligated, but if you like something…click away! 

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What are some of your cold-weather favorites? Please let me know in the comments below!




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2 thoughts on “Braving that Winter Chill – South Dakota Chronicles

  1. You did very well being a California girl!!! Love your choices. You could fit in easily! . South Dakota isn’t so bad😉 So wonderful to meet you finally!!!!

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