Last-Minute Hostess Gifts

A tradition that I have forever enjoyed is the hostess gift. As a frequent host myself, it’s always nice to have someone walk into a home that has had hours of preparation, with a little something to make me smile. A bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or even (major points) a gift can bring even the most crazed host back to reality. When thinking about a host(ess) gift to give, keep in mind that the person hosting you is likely to have all sorts of items filling up their kitchen already. Best thing to do is not bring something that will take up more space or something they feel obligated to showcase every time you (guest) come back to visit.

For the Host(ess) Who Owns Everything Kitchen

We all have those friends who seem to “have it all figured out” when it comes to entertaining.

Here’s a tip: those people feel stress too!

Nothing relaxes me more after an evening of entertaining than a hot bath, candles, and after-bath moisturizing. Add a colorful coffee-table book to the gift and count yourself as a guaranteed invite to the NYE party.

For the Host(ess) Who Lives for the Holidays

Whether it’s something festive and chic, or just plain useful, Williams Sonoma has a rush delivery for Thanksgiving arrival until Tuesday at 9 pm (ET). Order away!

If all else fails, flowers are always a good idea…

I love Bloom That. I’ve used the company for years and they give such a personal touch farmers market feel to the flower delivery process. Arrangements start at $32. Use Code: FIRSTBLOOMS for $5 off your first order!

Thanks to all of my faithful followers. I have enjoyed sharing my life with you over the past year and can’t wait for you all the see the next phase. Stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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  1. Fun and timely post! As a hostess, I especially like consumables. Bring me the Peppermint Bark, please!!!

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