Brocade Velvet Joggers? Oh, my!

One thing I love to do in fashion is to play with juxtaposition. Historically, velvet and brocade are both seen as fabrics for the luxe occasion. What does one do as a Katherine Hepburn girl living in a Kardashian world? Combine two fancy fabrics with an unexpected turn, and poof! Velvet brocade joggers are born!

Hot tip: Whenever I decide to sport a man-repeller item of clothing, I spice things up in another area so Boyfriend Brian remembers I’m a lady.

Enter: tried and true Alexander Wang pocket tank.

I swear the $80 price tag is worth 1,000 wears. Just lay it flat to dry. 

Converse high-tops, ankle boots, or even a nude strappy sandal transform joggers for a variety of occasions.

Shop my look below!


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