No Ironing Board? No Problem!

First things first, I need an ironing board. It’s on my Birthday/Christmas list. This is when one knows they’ve really landed in their 30s. When requests for household goods outweigh clothing/music/gadgets. I imagine requests for those fun goodies will come back, but that is after I finally have our home completely stocked.

Hint, hint Moms & Dad, ICYMI my birthday is in less than a week

Since I am so very practical, I decided that investing in patches for the denim jacket boyfriend Brian purchased for me at a Volcom warehouse sale ($10) far outweighed the purchase of an ironing board.

Guess what works just as well? Layers of towels under a denim jacket. This method is not as effective for ironing anything else, but that’s what keeps my dry cleaner in business!



2 bath towels

1 cheesecloth towels


  • Lay out your towels and be sure to put down a few layers. I ran into an issue leaving a slight mark on my dining room table due to lack of layers.

Caution: please remove the leftover Halloween candy you’ve been stuffing your face with over the past few days. 

  • Lay down your jacket and place the patches face-up where you’d like them on your jacket
  • Place the cheesecloth over the patches and iron on one at a time
  • Hold the iron on the patches for at least 10 seconds
  • For good measure, turn the jacket over and repeat the cheesecloth, press and hold for 10 seconds process until the patches are “reinforced”

  • Keep in mind that this is not as secure as sewing on the patches. If you have to revisit the iron after a few wears, don’t feel discouraged. It has happened to me too!

I’m not completely sure how to wash this yet. I’d recommend just turning this into a “live-in” jacket. Perhaps spot cleaning? Stay tuned!

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