If a girl needs to have a day job, then she may as well find a way to look fabulous in a work ensemble. Enter…the business-chic vest. The beauty of a business-chic vest is that it appears serious without fully taking on the role of an outfit-covering blazer.

A long “business” vest is something that I hesitated purchasing for a solid five years. I had a long, somewhat casual, dégradé sweater vest from Vince that I wore from 2011-2013 until the moths had it for dinner one night. However, after moving to SoCal, it didn’t feel very “practical woman” of me to purchase another version. After all, the weather rarely dips below 60.

Sorry, Oregon friends!

Then, Zara debuted this long vest in some chic all-white ensemble and I had to have it. It might look to others as though I’m channeling my Mom (P.A.*) and wearing a warm weather interpretation of a lab coat, but who cares? I knew I’d look like that 5’10” model from Zara!

Want to make your dress go the extra mile with a business vest? Shop my picks below!

*Physician’s Assistant…also Mom looks stellar in a lab coat. Go, Mom!


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