I’ve tried to live by the Practical Woman lifestyle code for quite some time now.

Rule #1 Each item in one’s closet should have multiples uses and have the ability to be worn dozens of times, so as the cost per wear goes down significantly after purchase.  

The key to this rule is not the number of times that one item is worn, but the multiple uses. Multiple uses = different audiences. Translation…people don’t think you’re wearing the same thing everywhere you go. Because they aren’t going the other places that you’re wearing this piece!

How does this work in real life?

Welcome to the One Dress, Three Ways series. Part 1 is a dress at “Cool Gal Goes to Dinner with the Girls”. Watch out world! Leather and florals are close to an expected juxtaposition these days, so I challenge the Practical Women out there to raise the boldness bar with a masculine shoe. Mine is a bootie, but I applaud a loafer, a printed/snakeskin stiletto, or maybe even a lace up block heel.

Work it guuuurl….stay tuned for pt. 2 next week!


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